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+ Free! Eternal Summer (July 03)
+ Tokyo Ghoul (July 04)
+ DRAMAtical Murder (July 06)
+ Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (July 07)
+ Ao Haru Ride (July 08)
+ Love Stage!! (July 09)
+ Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus (July 11)
+ Zankyou no Terror (July 11)
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+ It's Kind of a Funny Story
+ Fangirl
+ Attachments
+ The Giver
+ Forever, Interrupted
+ Dash and Lily's Book of Dares
+ The Perks of Being a Wallflower
+ Eleanor and Park
+ Autobiography of Red
+ The Book Theif
+ Everything is Illuminated
+ One Man Guy
+ The Monster Calls





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The happiest day of my life... I can go back!

Just so tired.

I tired of the behavior of messily sampling every dish a long time ago.

all I need is DILF!Levi and Eren trying to pick up his best friend Mikasa's dad I bet there'd be so much sexual tension whenever they're in the same room and it's just so awkward for Mikasa who's like this is gross


You’re officially my favorite person ever.

Just like. Eren and Levi staring at each other from across the room and Eren’s biting his lip and twirling his hair around his finger, being all cute and playful. Levi only smirks and pats his lap with his hands, asshole of a gesture for sit on my lap, kid.

Mikasa’s uncomfortable, seriously. This is precisely why she doesn’t like hanging out at her dad’s place. Levi doesn’t normally do this and it actually grosses her out, like you said.

After about ten minutes she’s just like “fuck it I’m going to get ice from the grocery store and some beer fuck you both, I’m gonna chill at Annie’s you homos” and literally as soon as she closes the door these two gay dickholes just fuckin’ go at it.

Eren plops down right on Levi’s lap and immediately starts grinding on him, sliding his hands into Levi’s hair and pulling him close to slot their mouths together. Eren’s all, “Fuck me, Daddy” and Levi’s eating it up and getting out every noise Eren can possibly make.

And they fuck for like 3 hours, bro. Up against the wall, in the couch, on the floor, etc.

Eren has to buy lots of flowers to make it up to Mikasa, though.


I’ll be moving out soon and I won’t be able to feed you anymore.

I’m sorry, Levi.

look at all these freeloading cats (눈︹눈)


-whispers- AU where Erwin is the Queens Watchdog and Levi is one hell of a butler
Had this sitting in my ask box for a little while.
I can find a lot of paralelisms between Erwin/Levi and Ciel/Sebastian hahaha 


college AU where Jean and Eren meet at orientation and immediately get on each other’s nerves

fast-forward to moving day where lo and behold, they end up being dorm neighbors

also embarrassed boyfriends

edit: oh and for the record I have ZERO idea who this jonah scott person is that you all keep talking about in the tags lmao Jean’s shirt is a tee that I own myself, that’s the only reason he’s wearing it ahaha (sorry to burst your bubbles I’m not cool and hip)

馬渕 洸


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